Digital Negatives On Custom USB Drives


As a professional wedding and portrait photographer, I am always looking for better ways to provide my clients digital negatives. I used to put them on a CD/DVD with a custom made label. But you have ever created a DVD label, you know it could be … [Continue reading]

7 Good Reasons to Smile


1. Smiling can make you happy (even when you're not). 2. Smiling can make others happy. 3. Smiling makes you more attractive. 4. Smiling can help you de-stress. 5. Smiling can help you land a job. 6. Smiling can lead to laughter. 7. … [Continue reading]

Becoming A Second Shooter/ Photographer


I am not sure if you have heard the term “seconder shooter or second photographer” before. In case you haven’t, this is what it means – you will shoot/photograph for a professional wedding photographer in return for you will get to use the images … [Continue reading]