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Beginner's Guide To Wedding And Portrait Photography

How to improve your photography skills In 7 Days

As an artist, I always ask myself “How can I improve my photography skills?”

I have tried a lot of different ways, but these are the ones that really helped me improve my photography skills FAST!!!

Give these tips a shot and you will be shocked as to how quickly your wedding and portrait photography skills improve.

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7 Good Reasons to Smile


1. Smiling can make you happy (even when you’re not).

2. Smiling can make others happy.

3. Smiling makes you more attractive.

4. Smiling can help you de-stress.

5. Smiling can help you land a job.

6. Smiling can lead to laughter.

7. Smiling just feels good.

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Becoming A Second Shooter/ Photographer

I am not sure if you have heard the term “seconder shooter or second photographer” before. In case you haven’t, this is what it means – you will shoot/photograph for a professional wedding photographer in return for you will get to use the images that you have taken to build up your portfolio or you will get paid (the main photographer will give you a SD or CF card(s) at the beginning and then at the end of the day you will give that or those cards back to the photographer. You might not be able to use the images.) for it.
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How To Go PRO

Now that you have your camera, have built your portfolio and have a website. It’s time you tell the world that you are going PRO.

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